the unremitting trail of a bird's flight. my
mother used to crown my attic, tenderly.
a braid. then two. and some more, till a young
river would levitate. puerile & tireless.
the tenacious hawsers, sedentary on my
breasts, were a garland of koel's feathers.
subtle and languid, like the words of the queen.
a queen.

whirled the skies gray. arc of the kaleidoscope,
scourged the garland mildewy. hanging lax & 
abandoned, it now whispers the words,
" existed, undefiled. "

unlit and tempestuous. grapple the garland.
a fist. the nape, a waning moon. an
alternative tophet.

au fait.
an eternity caressing the breaches of the 
cocoon, i have well versed the morphosis of
the light in the dark.

the river now sways in languid swirls. banded 
tangles & twirls. reluctant defiance. lining the
gaps with the corpses of its origin. barbed
wire. a wrecking ball. a boulder. the moon
from waxing to gibbous.
a full moon.

Voie Lactée

/origin : french/

lip of the scarp.
half in half out.

the zephyr kisses the chassis of my
umbra and penumbra.

the transgressed poundage tholes the
wave. a scintilla of the overwhelmed
sod. the bough of burden, if not, covets
the tranquil depth of the flight.

the heliosphere i wear is a ruptured light.
frolicking constellation, floundering in the 
antumbra of an illusory galaxy.

the pilgrimage inheres the sluggish 
conflagration of the lacunae of stars.
the hexed helium of the sacred stones 
guillotining my albatross wingless.

sallied ashore, a perforated clay, i am
the sapphire tainting the scallop shells


/तिमिर : noun/

the frothing waves vociferate. a lament. 
'dive in.'
let the angst berate the sudoric dashes of the palm. let the gasps dogmatize 
the crashing yells of the aphonic currents.
walk the lassitude down the longitudes of the bottomless air. ascend and serrate the
lull of the cresting trough. smear the vacuum scarlet. buoyance.
timir is a full moon.
unfettered. bestial talon.
gnaws the esse infecund. deluges barren.